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Block Paving Refurbishment

Because it is laid more than most other hard surfaces, we often get asked to carry out cleaning and sealing for block paving on driveways and patios.

Most block paving is very porous and can quickly become covered in weeds, algae and moss if not looked after. As block paving cleaning specialists for South Wales we can quickly restore block paviing close to its original condition when first laid.

Block paving cleaning and sealing is a 3 stage process:-

Stage one - The block paving is pre-treated with fungicidal wash/weedkiller then cleaned with rotary headed pressure washer. This washes off all the ingrained dirt and grime whilst also cleaning moss and accumulated muck from the paving joints

Stage two - Once completely dry, new kiln dried sand would be brushed into all the paving joints to help stabilise the blocks and help to prevent future growth in the joints of the paving

Step 3 - Two coats of Smartseal high quality acrylic sealer are then sprayed onto the surface of the paving. Sealing the paving provides better protection from loss of colour, staining, algae and moss. The jointing sand will also solidify which further restricts future moss and weed growth.

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